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Our Services

Our Kiosk Managers (KM) work with each client to determine which consumption program suits their organization best. The consumption program personalizes our product, services and prices based on the needs of each client.

Fully Managed Coffee Service (FMCS)

We offer an all inclusive supply fulfillment, cleaning, maintenance and client management program

• Our KM guides users through the process of how to use our coffee kiosk

• Our KM regularly resupplies kiosk ingredients, coffee beans, premium syrups, coffee cups, lids and Milks

• Our pro-active maintenance helps prevent service calls

• Our KM provides additional cleaning & wipe downs with each delivery

• Our team will have any service call resolved within a business day

Design your individual taste profile

Perfecto Coffee opens up a new dimension in taste profiling by offering more variety in the creation of personalized taste profiles design by each customer that chooses to edit any of our standard menu ideas for a tailored made coffee experience.

We maximize the flavor out of each bean

Perfecto Coffee is proud to showcase our intelligent extraction process that ensures a uniform pressure distribution on all the coffee grounds during the entire extraction time, getting more flavor out of our beans for you.

Create your consistent coffee experience

With our kiosk you can enjoy fixed pick-up times and absolutely consistent coffee quality in real time for every cup, every day, at every location. Our software monitors adjust the extraction flow during the brewing process, in real time, providing the most consistent coffee experience currently possible.

Our Services & Coffee Quality

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